ROME – was not built in a day


ROME as it says was not built in a day. The walls of Rome visibly depict the saying. The age old structures standing straight and tall within the city. Amid some very famed landmarks, Rome holds an ancient culture and feel in every corner of its heart. It comes to live as the sun sets. The yellow street light makes its landmarks still more adored. Rome the capital of Europe’s very own Italy is a place I would visit again.

The city as seen from Vatican Museum
The city as seen from Vatican Museum

We visited Rome in the year 2017 October – the season of the fall. It was one of the many cities we covered in the same trip. Our stay there was short but we stopped at almost all the landmarks one lists while seeking to visit Rome. The City has more than 500 edifices to visit including a fountain at every junction.

The Colosseum RomeThe Colosseum Rome
The Colosseum Rome

Top your list with:

  • The Colosseum
  • The Trevi fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • Pantheon
  • Vatican City

Travel means:

My suggestion is you stay near the centre of the city and travel thru Metro, a very convenient way of travelling in Rome. As on October 2017, a 90 minute Metro travel card costs 1.50 Euro, and can be used ones, a whole day pass is 7.50 Euro and can be used as many times thru out the day. The colosseum is located just outside the Colosseum Metro stop. Each metro station shows landmark you can visit if you get down there. You can also choose a hop on and Hop off bus for the sightseeing.


The Pantheon Rome
The Pantheon Rome

Idea is if time is less, Rome should be explored at night, if staying for more than 2 days, all structures can be seen at both daylight and moonlight. There are a few walking tours that operates within the city can be booked thru their official sites. Or in case if you can walk for 3-4 hours you can see all without must cost and ofcource a pre downloaded city map or a paper map is a must if travelling solo or not in groups. Rome’s main history can be seen in 1.5 days excluding Vatican. Vatican city takes half a day if not following the regular queue of entry.

The Vatican city
The Vatican city

Vatican city: It would be a good choice to visit the Vatican city in one morning, please do check if its open and the queue is usually too long to get an entry. It is better to take a paid entry with a guide; else it would be difficult to understand the vast offering of this independent country.  We paid a 40 euro for entry to the city, visit to Sistine chapel, English speaking guide, the Vatican museum. Do bargain for a reduced cost.

Bramante Staircase Vatican cityBramante Staircase Vatican city
Bramante Staircase Vatican city


We stayed at Kambal residency near to the Colosseum. It took us 69 Euros for 1 day 3 people including breakfast. Italy offers good Airbnb stay options. You can check the same at the site.

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