Plan a trip to kanha national park

Kanha National Park is one of the largest national park of central India. It stretches over an area of almost 2000Kms. The National park is divided in 4 zone, Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarhi. All these four zones have a core area and a buffer zone. The core areas sums upto 940Kms and the buffer area is more than 1000Kms. People mostly visit this tiger reserve to spot the big cat. But I would say even if your luck doesn’t permit you to see the tiger the forest itself would win your love.

Kanha National Park

How to reach

Raipur airport is one the closest. From Raipur airport it would be 5 hour drive to reach the main gate to this tiger reserve. As said earlier the 4 zones has 4 different gates to get in. would suggest visiting the kanha and mukki zone to have high chances of spotting the big cat.


You can directly book the safari from . Here you choose your seat. But the vehicle has to be booked on spot near the gate. The vehicle booking costs around 2000 and a 350 INR for a

kanha national park

guide. It is advisable to book a jeep rather than travelling by a canter bus. (An open bus with 16 people seat). The buses usually don’t take you deep inside the woods. You have night safaris available which is all together a different experience. Thou spotting animal is difficult but the feel of safaring deep inside the forest in an open jeep, with the milky way guiding you is amazing. Try to stay near the gates to avoid shedding extra pay in travelling to the gate from hotel.


Where to stay

As per my experience and trip advisor review, there’s a 7 tiger resort which is around 9Km from Mukki gate. They have their own jeep to take you to the gate. It’s a well maintained resort and the food is amazing. They serve veg only for lunch  . but in case you want to stay exact by the side of the main entrance of the national park, you can stay in Mogli resort 500mts away from the main Khatia gate, which leads to the kanha zone.

Things to carry

If visiting in the winters it is advisable that you carry more than enough of warm clothing. If planning g for a night safari, carry blankets from the hotel. Other than warm clothing

    • Good night
    • Scarf
    • Mask to avoid the dust inside the woods.
    • Caps
    • Gloves
    • Closed shoes
    • Camera with a good zoom lens
    • Tripod if you want the capture the milky way
    • Sunglass


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