Unboxing the all new Asus Zenfone Selfie.

Here I am too write the coolest review of my all new Asus Zenfone Selfie. It’s after a long gap that I got hold of one smartphone which can suffice the need of an amateur photographer. The phone has a 13MP rear camera with a 178 degree of viewing angle. The front came is also 13 MP which makes it a Selfie devoted smartphone.

Asus Zenfone Selfie
In this trending world of photography and fashion, it becomes an important and quite a difficult task to be updated in fashion and sense all the time. To look good and post the best Selfie or picture in social media becomes an attraction these days. And with a beautification mode in your phone makes you a bit relieved. But then with a comparison we can see that if beautification mode is used it makes the skin blemish free and plastic. This makes it very obvious that the mode is used to beautify the skin and looks. But then to make it natural, the Asus Zenfone Selfie, has a control panel in the beautification mode to make it natural.
The 178 degree viewing angle makes the group fit in one snap. And the control button of the camera shutter at the back makes it easy to click and you do not need an IS. Even if you are not clicking with people, and if there is a nice background at the back, it can still help to accommodate the beauty as much as possible.
The Zen UI is another feature which is needless to mention since it’s available in all the Zenfone. But the Zen UI has been updated, and has collated a few incredible features which make it more interesting.
The corning Gorilla glass 4 makes it scratch resistant. Well now you can keep it with home keys, car keys, nail cutters, scissors, and all other cutters which we women keep in our bag. U need not put a scratch guard, it makes the phone look old and dirty and bad and ugly.
Not mentioning about the RAM, HDD, extendable capacity which are usually common in all brands. So lets try Asus Zenfone Selfie and make our self-look glam. For more click here

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