Mullick ghat flower market | A colourful chaos

Mullick Ghat flower market in Kolkata, is said to be one of the largest flower market in India. It is located in the base of Howrah Bridge in the bank of Hooghly River and is as old as 125 Years. It can be easily reached by Train , Metro or bus.  Do not get you car, going by  train , metro or bus will give you more freedom.

The market starts as early as 4 AM in the morning, and continues till afternoon. But it is best visited in the early hours of sunrise. The market is quite dirty and bathing ghat is near to that, if you are ready to neglect these point than you can able to enjoy one of the largest colorful market in India. The market remains best active during festivals and marriage seasons. You will get good opportunity to get excellent photography opportunity.

The flowers which occupies the main share in the mullick ghat flower market is Marigold, lotus, roses, hibiscus and the garland varieties. From this market flowers are export to different location of the world like Dubai, Auckland so on.

Shops are mainly on the roads and a very few are semi-permanent.

People buys from this whole sell market and sells the same in local shops and lanes. The authentic Kolkata feel in the way sellers deals and sells in tons. Be sure to drop in this flower market the next time you pay a visit to Kolkata.


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Reach to Mullick Ghat :

Take bus or taxi toward Howrah and get down at Mullick Ghat bus stop, market is near to that. If require you can use Google GPS for tracking location.


  • Visit market in early morning.
  • Carry water bottle.
  • Ware shoes as market is quite dirty.

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