Beginners Basic SEO Tips

What is SEO?

Many internet user knows SEO stands of search engine optimization, that means optimize the page such way that internet user can find your page in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Now coming to main point how to improve website SEO. It is not so easy that in one click you can able to improve SEO. Build your page in such way that visitor can attract to visit your page, that will admire search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc. Many people think it is game and they used it wrongly.

Is your website submitted to search engine?

Search engines are like some tool software that will search related information which are store in their directory, so this is your first step to SEO submit your web page to search engine directory like GOOGLE, YAHOO and so on, or you can put you link to such website which is submitted or indexed in search engines. For google you need to submit in webmaster tool link –Google Webmaster, for Bing Webmaster.

Is you site ready for search engine optimization?

Before publish your page you need to check some critical point. Search engine have some algorithm, they use crawlers which will find data from website and save it to the storage server. When user search any keywords, than depend on keyword – result will search from data storage server and return back to user. There are some point need to keep in mind for SEO.

  • Check all link in your website, so that there should not any broken link. There are many free website available for searching broken link like-,
  •  Check all your html tag. Header tag is more important for searching, every tag should properly closed.
  •  Generate sitemap for your website, which should be kept on root directory. Some freely available websites are ,
  •  Use google webmaster tool, bing tool, if any error alert come on that tool, resolve as soon as possible.URL structure is play most important role in SEO. Provide url related to page and use desh(-) instate of underscores (_). That will help search engine to read your page url easily.
  •  If you want to ignore any page to indexed, than create robots.txt file, define your page as per format and keep it in root location.
  •  Compress your page image and other content so that page load time get resuced. You can check your website loading time using- Google Pagespeed
  • Provide Favicon to your website. Favicon image is with .ico extension. File and save it in root directory.
  •  Canonical URL is used to avoid this confusion. Using this we tell search engine this is the original page and crawl this page and leave other page. We write a code in header section. For more details you can search on google.

Is your web site page content help in SEO?

Page content provide high priority for any search engine. Always provide good and attractive content in your site which will help visitor. Don’t put plagiarism content that means copy from other site and put it into you site. If put any plagiarism content search engine will kick your website and rank will get down. Always try to put new and good quality content. If you provide any image than provide some small size and good resolution image. That will help to reduce page load time.

Is it necessary to use social media for your Website?

Social media provide greater role in create traffic in your website. When you share your website with some good content, that gets viral in social media and you will get some good direct traffic to you website. Search engine also check how people get engaged to your website. Some important Social media site are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram etc. You can create your business page in that social media page.

What is backlink how its play role in SEO?

Backlink is incoming link to your site, which provide you traffic to you website, search engine count that traffic. But back link can make your rank down also. If you get back link from some irrelevant website which is not related to your website or its content that you will penalized and your site rank will goes down. Now question is how to get that back link.

  • Issue some press released using online service. There are few website available.
  • Blogging in good blogger site related to your website and post your link.
  • Post your website in relevant directory and industries site.

At last don’t cheat with search engine, all these are steps for search engine optimization. once you caught they will penalize such a way that you will not able to go back to you position.

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